from by Elsewhere



The pop rock influenced tune with a narrator that begs for an explanation or just recognition of being wronged so deeply.


I have collided with an aching mind
But I am still in the same body
I find it hard to concentrate
On the right thing when I think
Nobody is watching
When you had the advantage and knew
I can’t believe what you were willing to do

Sorrow, come along
With me
I can still hear all you said
To me
Not to mention all that I
Cannot unsee
Do you know what you did
To me?

How come it can be so hard to forget?
Let alone asking myself to forgive
It makes me wonder if when you
Go to remember do you cry too?
Or is it something you have set aside
Well, I hope you know that my heart has died


from Sometimes, released June 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Elsewhere Decatur, Alabama

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