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The crashing, swooping sounds of sliding chord changes and accenting drums brings to light the desire to ward off the lasting chills of a relationship gone astray.


You’ve got my attention
So what do you want from me?
You have perverted my intentions
And you say I’m just a want-to-be

Oh, your blood runs so cold
Healing from you hurts
I’m still trying to warm back up
I still feel the sting of your love

Why can’t I get enough?
Why can’t get enough?
Every time I’m with you
I feel I am in the right place
But you are sure to leave
And I can’t breathe in space

You’ve got my attention
So how will you use me?
Such a simple decision
So easy to abuse me
Easy to abuse me
So easy to abuse me
You go so far away
While I am here frozen in place


from Sometimes, released June 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Elsewhere Decatur, Alabama

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