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Elsewhere is an alternative rock band from Decatur, Alabama. Inspired by the sounds of Incubus, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer and many more; the two cousins, Gabe Smith and Josh Walker wrote, recorded and produced their first album, Sometimes. The nine-song LP is filled with large, sweeping chords and memorable melodies while showing influences from the worlds of jazz and pop. With the conventional guitar, bass and drums set up the two guys are able to craft a sound vast, open and layered with storytelling lyrics of love and loss.


released June 5, 2016



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Elsewhere Decatur, Alabama

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Track Name: Sometimes
Carry me in on a Saturday
I’ll be born again the next day
Tell all my friends I’m doing great
But I’m alone when I walk away, when I walk away

Sometimes I let the waves go by
Carry me out and wash away the sky
Sometimes I wonder why
I try
To fix this

I gained ground on growing up
But you were not around
When it was tough
You made a sound
We both know it was not enough
Now look at what we try to fix
You can peel back all of the skin
The scars are permanent
And we were made
To see them
Track Name: Always Wrong
She can all but scream
When you wake up
Try not to forget the dreams
You had with me in them
When the world rips open your eyes
Don’t be surprised
When I’m gone
And time pushes us on

While he plays dead on his cell phone
I grit my teeth at the end of every thought
Because I am always wrong
Yeah I’m always wrong

Who made it out to be this?
I must have missed something
But what scares me more
Is when I think of nothing
I don’t know any more

He can’t look her in the eye
His silence is violent
She holds back what she wants to say
Might be easier to slip away
But what can his heart take
So she surrenders to the waves

She is not sure how much more
To sit quietly alone
While he sits behind that closed door
Like nobody is home
Track Name: Waves
She said, tell them all you know
And that’ll be ok
She didn’t think that I had lost my way
Now there doesn’t seem
To be much to say
That’s what I learned today

I’m created by
More forgotten time
But my eyes
Remain dry
It’s the other times
The ones inside
That hurt my
Hurt my eyes

I feel like I feel a day go by
Then they go in waves

She said, tell them all you know
And that’ll be ok
She’s gone, and I’ve missed so many days
There is nothing useful to say
That’s what I learned today

The ocean of time
Isn’t tamed by some captain
We’ll all fall into the deep blue
Of past actions
Track Name: Push
You feel like pushing me away
What am I supposed to do?
In this haze you’ve made
I can’t break though

I won’t be the one who is running
If I tried I couldn’t make you anything
Pretending invincibility
You stumble in the chase
And push yourself away

You are a mist
Falling into nothing
Floating into the abyss
You dissipate from me

I won’t be the one
I won’t be the one
Track Name: Sorrow
I have collided with an aching mind
But I am still in the same body
I find it hard to concentrate
On the right thing when I think
Nobody is watching
When you had the advantage and knew
I can’t believe what you were willing to do

Sorrow, come along
With me
I can still hear all you said
To me
Not to mention all that I
Cannot unsee
Do you know what you did
To me?

How come it can be so hard to forget?
Let alone asking myself to forgive
It makes me wonder if when you
Go to remember do you cry too?
Or is it something you have set aside
Well, I hope you know that my heart has died
Track Name: Alone
I never claimed to be
Spent all of my time dreaming
For Nothing
They all
Before me

I escape
So I am not alone
Oh oh oh
My mind bends and breaks
Like skin and bone
Now I am alone

I can’t be real to you
No matter what I do
I am nobody
A shimmer, a shadow, a dream
They all
Before me
Track Name: Attention
You’ve got my attention
So what do you want from me?
You have perverted my intentions
And you say I’m just a want-to-be

Oh, your blood runs so cold
Healing from you hurts
I’m still trying to warm back up
I still feel the sting of your love

Why can’t I get enough?
Why can’t get enough?
Every time I’m with you
I feel I am in the right place
But you are sure to leave
And I can’t breathe in space

You’ve got my attention
So how will you use me?
Such a simple decision
So easy to abuse me
Easy to abuse me
So easy to abuse me
You go so far away
While I am here frozen in place
Track Name: Hell
I got a moment in my pocket
Every time I look at it I cry
So I opened up
And sewed it into my thigh
I can’t sit down
But I can move on
No, I can’t sit down
But I can move on
If your smile can’t bare it
It’s all too much
Yeah, I find it scary
Such and such and such
And when I smile
I grind my teeth to bits
And what’s your advice?
Just swallow it

Not a way to be
Unless death says hello
And Hell stands below
I guess that isn’t me

I broke in and left myself
Behind the counter just for you
But if I’m not there
You better know what to do
No, can’t sit down
You got to get going
No, you won’t sit down
You got to get going

Not a way to be
Unless death loses his blow
And Hell stays below
I guess that isn’t me
Track Name: Goodbye Because I Love You
How can we move on from this?
when your future already exists
It's like holding back the waves
grasping at the whole ocean
If I could your indifference
to show you my love's competence
Because when your eyes fix on me
I beg God to take it seriously

Everyday lying under my gaze
Sirens singing calling me astray
my heart breaks inside of your smile
my love lives in exile

Now I'm writing goodbye

I've been weakened to a new fear
And you have to stay here
If it kills me I have to leave
Who could live to see you unhappy?

Goodbye, because it's not our time
Goodbye, because it's not our life
Goodbye, what else can I do?
Goodbye, because I love you